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A California Story

The year is 2003. Ved, a 36-year-old Indian in Silicon Valley, works for Omnicon, the world’s largest computer networking company whose culture he finds both sad and comical. Its quietly brewing troubles soon engulf him, even as he must deal with the turmoil in his relationships with Sasha, a Russian escort, and Liz, a spiritual-liberal American.

Amid all this, his parents visit him from India. On a weekend outing with them, a man assaults him in a hate crime. Spiraling events force Ved into a hard reckoning with his life. A California Story is a keenly perceptive portrait of Silicon Valley and the quest for love and belonging.


USA Publisher: Adelaide Books | Sep 2019

PB 226 pages | Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo | Covers

Love and Loathing in Silicon Valley

India Publisher: Speaking Tiger | Sep 2019

PB 240 pages | Kindle | Covers | Full Cover Spread


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The Lottery of Birth: On Inherited Social Inequalities

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An egalitarian ethos has not been a prominent feature of Indian civilization, at least since the decline of Buddhism over a thousand years ago. All people, it is believed, are created unequal, born into a hierarchy of status and dignity, and endowed not with universal but particular rights and duties. This has greatly amplified the unfairness of accidents of birth in shaping one’s lot in life. Despite a long history of resistance, such inequalities have thrived and mutated, including under European rule, modernity, and markets.

Starting with the deeply moving stories of three writers, Arora explores the origins, persistence, and textures of inequalities rooted in the lottery of birth in India—of caste, class, gender, language, region, religion, and more—and their intersections in daily life. Blending scholarly rigor with moral intelligence, these essays engage with the Bhagavad Gita; the legacies of Ambedkar and Gandhi; Indian modernity, democracy, and nationalism; linguistic hierarchies; reservations; violence against women; identity politics; and much else that today weighs on Indian minds.

Worldwide publisher ⇒ Three Essays Collective | Paperback, 300 pages | Kindle | Apr 2017

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Forthcoming! A book on travel and history (mid–2020)


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